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08 December 2022

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08 December 2022

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  • Google Warns of Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited by ScarCruft Hackers
    08 December 2022
    An Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability was actively exploited by a North Korean threat actor to target South Korean users by capitalizing on the recent Itaewon Halloween crowd crush to trick users into downloading malware. The discovery, reported by Google Threat Analysis Group researchers Benoît Sevens and Clément Lecigne, is the latest set of attacks perpetrated by ScarCruft, which is
  • Iranian Hackers Strike Diamond Industry with Data-Wiping Malware in Supply-Chain Attack
    08 December 2022
    An Iranian advanced persistent threat (APT) actor known as Agrius has been attributed as behind a set of data wiper attacks aimed at diamond industries in South Africa, Israel, and Hong Kong. The wiper, referred to as Fantasy by ESET, is believed to have been delivered via a supply-chain attack targeting an Israeli software suite developer as part of a campaign that began in February 2022.
  • Vice Society Ransomware Attackers Targeted Dozens of Schools in 2022
    07 December 2022
    The Vice Society cybercrime group has disproportionately targeted educational institutions, accounting for 33 victims in 2022 and surpassing other ransomware families like LockBit, BlackCat, BianLian, and Hive. Other prominent industry verticals targeted include healthcare, governments, manufacturing, retail, and legal services, according to an analysis of leak site data by Palo Alto Networks
  • How XDR Helps Protect Critical Infrastructure
    07 December 2022
    Critical infrastructure is important for societal existence, growth, and development. Societies are reliant on the services provided by critical infrastructure sectors like telecommunication, energy, healthcare, transportation, and information technology. Safety and security are necessary for the optimal operation of these critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructure is made up of digital
  • Chinese Hackers Using Russo-Ukrainian War Decoys to Target APAC and European Entities
    07 December 2022
    The China-linked nation-state hacking group referred to as Mustang Panda is using lures related to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War to attack entities in Europe and the Asia Pacific. That's according to the BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team, which analyzed a RAR archive file titled "Political Guidance for the new EU approach towards Russia.rar." Some of the targeted countries include

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